I love these

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowering shrubs.  (I know, not a terribly interesting sentence.  But they’ve been part of a project I’ve been working on lately, so, it’s really not all that random.  To me.)  I love how they are beautiful in their very essence from beginning to end.  The blossoms start as a fresh light green and my particular plants turn a bold rich pink.  And then the really fascinating transition begins.  As the color fades, the true character of the flower shines through.  Each tiny little petal on each individual stem that makes up the rounded flower has specks and lines that you don’t see when they are fully saturated with color.  And it doesn’t end there, as another week passes, the color continues to fade, leaving shades of taupe and ivory, still every bit as beautiful.  Eventually, the petals start to disintegrate until there are only rims with small delicate lines connecting them, but that’s when you get to see the truest shapes of the blossoms. I don’t pretend to be a writer, so you’re just going to have to trust that they are far more glorious than I have described.

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