a summer’s end

This morning I woke up early with plans to watch the sun rise.  But as it came on 6:30 and it was still dark, and rainy, I knew there would be no golden sky.  I also knew that summer was quickly coming to an end.  This past summer was full of being outside, fresh air, big skies, hot sticky days, nice long evenings on balconies, catching up with old friends, making new ones, lazing about, sleeping in, staying up late, getting up early– just to take afternoon naps, reading, planning, and just enjoying.  It was difficult to say goodbye to it.  More difficult than it’s been in a long time.

But today… I’m ready.  I’m ready to take on a new season.  The colors.  The smells.  The warm skies, and cold breezes.  I’m ready for sweaters.  And long walks that make my face tingle.  I’m ready to close doors on the past and open new ones.

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