… the new year… and fog

I received the perfect gift of fog and time yesterday.  I took advantage of both.  Of course I was only out for a short time because I was underdressed and grabbed the only camera I had access to at work, which was low on battery.  Regardless, I soaked it all up.  Literally.

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions.  I try to make changes as they need to be made and mostly, in my life, that’s a lot more frequently than once a year.  January 1, does seem however, as good of a time as any to make some more.  My goals seem large and general this year.  I will keep going forward.  Unafraid.  I will be braver, resulting in finding what I can do.  And what I can’t.  I will follow through on older dreams and build a few new ones.  There we are, vague enough to cover anything I do, and specific enough to make me feel like I set goals.