in a dream…

… that was the title of an email I received a couple weeks ago.  This is what it said,    ‘… I had this dream the other night, I honestly can’t remember what about. There was a group of maybe 6 or 7 people in a room, most of whom I knew as friends and family. There was also this other woman there too. She was sort of behind and a little quieter than the others, but no less of a presence (maybe more so even). She was so familiar but I couldn’t quite place her. Then later it dawned on me, like clarity through a morning fog on a bridge somewhere… that’s seafield!!!… ‘

I recently began a journey back to myself.  Wasn’t my idea, but I suppose it’s necessary when you wander away.  So far, it feels like those sundays, when my brother and sisters and I would be driven around. With the windows up.  And my dad smoking his pipe.  And I would get car sick.  Every time.  But we did it. Because it was Sunday.

So, I’m here, wherever that is.  And feeling a little car sick.  And unlike those sunday drives, I am questioning almost everything about this journey.  This morning, after a provocative conversation yesterday, I am questioning my photography, thank you.  It’s role.   It’s direction.  It’s purpose.  And that dream. What was that dream?


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