There is a place called, quiet, that has never failed me, so it surprises me sometimes that I don’t go there first.  I suppose it’s because, when I am unresolved about something, it still feels more natural just to hurry up and fix things.  That’s usually when I become my own worst enemy.  I try to talk it away, think it away, and throw solutions at everyone involved.  From there it becomes a catch 22.  Anyone who isn’t helping me solve it is a potential adversary, which creates more problems.  It makes me tired just writing all that.

But I am so thankful for this place called quiet.  I am forced to stop all my doing.  Everything slows down.  There is a lot of waiting, (not easy for me), and ultimately, surrendering.  That’s where I unclench my fists and let go of all my answers and wait some more.  That’s where I find this incredible rest.  It’s weightless.  Have you ever been so involved in a task, even if it’s just watching tv, and then you take this deep breath, and suddenly realize you haven’t been breathing, really breathing?  It feels like that.

And then I start to see possibilities I didn’t see before.  New choices.  And sometimes you get the nicest surprises.


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