flowers and handwritten letters…

As a rule, my kids put their cell phones away when they are with me.  (It wasn’t easy for them at first).  I couldn’t believe the speed with which my daughter could text.  And while my son cannot, and does not want to, compete with her for this honor, the sheer volume of incoming electronic crap flying through the air made my head spin.  Once.  I was one of those ignorant parents who tried to wait as long as I could before getting them phones.  They have never owned a game-boy or wii, playstation, or anything with wires that I could trip over.  They have a computer.  and it’s only been in the past year that my daughter has decided that we maybe we are NOT Amish.  Parenting for me has been trial and error.  A lot of errors.  I count on this… that love covers a multitude of sins.  And I do love them.  And, right or wrong, I give them what I love.  I give them books.  I give them time.  I give them hugs.  I tell them about sunday dinners when no one answered the phone.  About flowers not sent over the internet.  About handwritten letters.  Simple times,  not more convenient.  When it was personal and that was ok.

Now, for some more honesty… That was me sounding all wholesome.  Here’s what you might hear if you asked them…

Mom won’t let us eat blue food.  (because red and yellow dyes are so much healthier?)  My pyscho mom keeps threatening to make me read To Kill A Mockingbird, what is that?!  Does she really have to yell, ‘Make good choices, honey!’ when she drops me off at school? ( I have only done this once since she attended high school).  And so on…


3 thoughts on “flowers and handwritten letters…

  1. ‘Make good choices, honey!’

    I’m going to start using that, instead of ‘cheerio’. And it’ll be your fault if someone hits me.

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