I promised myself that this morning’s writing would be from my heart with no re-working.  Kind of an experiment, I guess.  It’s a little scary, but this whole journey thing has been about heading straight toward those things I normally veer away from.  It’s not that I’m done with fear, just done with trying to go around it.  I realize how much of my life has been about avoiding pain, avoiding things I am scared of or even uncomfortable with.  But I have missed so much by doing this.  I have lost because of it.  And I don’t want to miss out anymore.  I want to live this really true life.  I want to see who I am and not automatically see a list of things I need to correct or fix.  I don’t know if I have this kind of courage.  I guess I’ll find out.

What’s true today…  It’s raining.  And I miss my dad.   


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      • Yes…and in a very strange way, his passing led me to be so very actively ALIVE in the now for everyone else here. Sometimes an exhausting way to be, but, I spend it all emotionally every day. (doesn’t hide I miss him, or others that have left since, but helps me in the now) you are quite cool

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