truth and other truths

I read somewhere that the opposite of the truth is not a lie, but another truth.  That used to confound me.  Not anymore.  In all this learning that has begun to take place on my very own little Odyssey, I have seen that I have not been living lies so much, like I originally thought, as other truths.  I have been kicking myself for feeling like a fraud in some ways, because I have not really been living according to what’s inside of me.  But I’m not a fraud.  That’s too unkind.  I have instead, just been living truths that don’t reflect who I am.  Someone else’s truth.  I tried.  I was close to being that daughter. I’m not sure where I was as a sister.  I wasn’t that wife.  I tried for almost 19 years.  The only truth I feel I have come close to living, in that way, is that of a mother.  I can say that because my babies have, from the minute they were born, allowed me to be exactly me.  They have only known me as me.  They had no idea of what a mother should be.  No expectations.   Whoever I was… was true.  and enough.  All I had to do was love them and that was easy.  I have lived truth with them.  It’s all I know.  And it’s a good place to start.  Whether or not my children got gipped in the mom department will be between them and their therapists someday.  Whole other issue…


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