‘I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding’…   and there are layers that are my history.  Done.  And I feel like I have been opened up.  Exposed in a way I have never known.  Sometimes, it’s hard to to breathe through it and rest.  It’s so new.  But I started this.  And in some ways it feels like going into fog.  And it’s being burned off by the sun.  Which feels good.  warm.  light.  And it’s a little scary.  Because I can’t see clearly what’s next.  And I have to keep going because turning around isn’t an option.  It’s funny, last night something happened and old patterns, once very familiar, seemed foreign.  I’m so glad.  I guess for me this journey hasn’t been so much about unlearning and breaking old habits as it has been about new learning.  Letting it take hold.   And I’m liking the new.

So, I am folded and unfolded and unfolding.  Just some lyrics by the Counting Crows.  And in context of the song, not at all to do with my life.  But I can like the words.

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