I hate roller coasters.  Literally and figuratively.  I liked them as a kid but the older I got, the less I needed or wanted thrills followed by deep plummeting falls.  But as even and calm as I like to be inwardly, life does throw those roller coastery things in.  I still don’t know how to handle them.  I don’t know many people who do really.  Here’s what I know… that if I have to be on that ride, I don’t want to be on it alone.  And I want to be sitting next to someone I trust.  I want to hold that person’s hand even if it means squeezing really hard sometimes.  I want to be able to bury my head in that person’s shoulder and feel safe.  And I might even want to scream now and again when I have no words.  And when the roller coaster is over, you know what I’m thinking is there?  That’s right.  Snowcones.  And solid ground.

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