my own shadow

Along this path… to myself, I have been trying really hard to stay in this light.  It’s light that allows me to see what’s inside.  And what’s in front of me.  Right now.  I get to see things as they truly are.  And occasionally I get a glimpse of what’s next.  Just a glimpse.  The past few days, however, when I look around  I see shadow.  I’m standing in it.   Unable to move, really.  In photography, shadows can tell the best secrets.  They can add drama and mystery.  They hold stories.  But there’s a need for light.  For exposure.  To help tell the stories.  Sometimes… sometimes, shadows simply block the light.  Recently, in an effort to make something happen, I stood in my own way and blocked my own light…


4 thoughts on “my own shadow

  1. Hi there, I love your photos, the mood and the tone. They are great! I add your link under my blogroll, hope you don’t mind. Cheers.

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