just not today

Did you ever just wake up and not want to be what you are? But the harder you try to not be it, the bigger mess you make?  Since I was little, I have loved photography.  I owned a little instamatic.  with the flash cubes on top, right?  Everything was a picture, even then.  I began to learn it on my own in college, shooting sports.  shooting film.  And I am still learning it.  digital now.   I have never really questioned it.  It’s in me.  I don’t bother labeling it a hobby or a profession.  Just there.  And it’s in there whether or not I’m any good.  So, that’s not the issue.  I just want something else.  today.  I will go back to wanting it tomorrow.


One thought on “just not today

  1. Ditto… i get it for weeks…BUT…photography is there for me too. rescues me somedays. even if the end product is shit to all else. gets me through. I do understand this post. Be cool woman

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