This morning I was driving and I realized I hadn’t written anything in a while.  And I missed it.  Like a friend.  It’s easy for me to get busy, with nothing sometimes, and not even notice when something, even something really important, begins to slip away.  In my busy-ness, I can lose my very vision.  It’s a little like driving too fast and focusing on the road ahead… the task, right?  And in being so focused on that road in front of me, which is after all necessary, I miss what is out my side window.  It has become a blur.  And then… gone.  So, on the way home, I slowed down.  Just a little.  And I noticed that I was driving through a Constable painting.  Low sky.  Rich greens and pinks and whites of spring.  Even a few cows and fences.  And… no traffic tickets.  All good, this slowing down.


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