walking with

I try really hard to treat people like I want to be treated.  (yes, sometimes I fail.  I do fail.)    It took me a long time to see that I am included in that category.  And I am still learning what that means.  But today I actually heard myself tell someone close to me that she should be as kind to herself as she is to others.  I don’t mean spa-day, although maybe.  I mean being kind.  being gentle with ourselves when we’re hurting.  being patient.  setting boundaries where others are concerned.  and being careful to walk with people who constantly surprise us by doing the same thing.


2 thoughts on “walking with

  1. And think about what a better world it would be if we would extend that treating others as we would want to be treated to those who may still disappoint us, to those who have made serious mistakes and may continue to make a few more before that kindness finally reaches them through their layers of hurt and disappointment. Maybe we could all pay it forward. Maybe in that way we are also being kind to ourselves because the reward for helping another person, that feeling of knowing I did what I could to help another individual, can feel like kindness to ourselves. Making a difference one person at a time?

    • of course, Susan. of course. I only meant that maybe we should make a point to nourish that part of us that enables us to give. That we should replenish that part of us that we give so willingly to others. and that when we make mistakes, when we disappoint ourselves, we could afford to be a little kinder. a little less harsh in our criticism. a lot more forgiving. how kind were you to yourself the last time you made a mistake?

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