Dear Tomorrow,

I’m not one to wish my life away.  But here’s the thing… it’s been a little crazy around here lately.  Not the good crazy.  The other kind.  I have been packing to move, sorting, organizing, and purging.   I feel lighter.  Better able to breathe without the extra weight.  And ready to take the next step.  All that said, it’s been a challenging few weeks.  Tomorrow, my life will get a little better.   ETA  8:32 A.M.

Dear Tomorrow,

Please hurry.

Love, Ellen.

4 thoughts on “Dear Tomorrow,

  1. Dear Ellen,

    I have been following your blog for some time. Your photos and your words have been a quiet inspiration to me as I go through similar changes that you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are sometimes unaware of the effect we have on others by just being who we are. Thank you for just being you and for your willingness to share this with strangers like me who have been touched by your beautiful creativity and sensitive nature.

    Best wishes to you on your journey…….

    • Anne, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts too. Your kindness and honesty mean a lot. I agree that it’s often that unexpected support that touches us so deeply.

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