2054 miles… approximately…

I have tried to write about the distance between him and me.  The actual miles.  Not the other kind.  And I can’t.  I know that some days it feels like 2054 miles. (Approximately).  Because it is.  And sometimes it seems like the miles disappear completely.  But it’s not long before they reappear and I am reminded that for now, for now… I hold his hand figuratively.  I have conversations with a phone to my ear.  I see him only on a monitor.  And tonight, I will close my eyes and he will close his.  2054 miles away.  (Approximately).  And we will dream of tomorrow.  One day closer.  Or maybe I’ll have that same dream where I’m Alice in Wonderland in this house that’s way too small and the doorways keep getting smaller and smaller.  One day closer, either way.

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