moments as they pass

Beginning with the moment my first child was born I have tried to “hold on to moments as they pass”.  I knew, without being told, this time would go screaming by and I would be a little sad when it was over.  So, I paused.  Often.  And I treasured.  Yes, I used psycho-mommy-under-the-breath-voice once in a while.  And on occasion,  psycho-mommy-over- the- breath- voice.  But mostly, I cherished.  For the last 17 years, seven months.  I have gently gathered moments.  And done my best to be present in them.  To breathe them in.  Saturday I watched my daughter reach for the hand of her high school principal and accept her diploma.  And I closed my eyes.  Safeguarding one more time, the memory of her.  Of that moment.  But I wasn’t sad.  I was instead, overwhelmed.  With gratitude.  And excitement for her.  With honor and a deep sense of humility.  I have been blessed to be part of this beautiful life, who is now 6 feet tall with shining dark brown eyes and a sparkling voice when she sings.  And I hold on to the moments as they pass.  And I wait.