now and again. again…

I am thrown by change and the very weight of it. Today, I was in the grocery after work. And I just wanted to sit down. Right there in the deodorant aisle. ( I have a 15 year old son.  I’m there a lot). I just wanted to sit there. And not talk. And have people walk around me. I don’t know what keeps us from just sitting down in the aisles. Of course I kept walking. Throwing things in my basket. But today, it felt good just to think about it. Wow. Hello, my name is Ellen. One small step away from visiting hours and meds on a tray.


3 thoughts on “now and again. again…

  1. You are loved, Ellen. Change has a way of doing its own thing with our present thoughts and memories … recognizing the manifestations can be confusing; knowing how to respond can actually be quite enlightening. Sounds like you got through this with grace and humor – two qualities that everyone should be so lucky to have. I think the artwork you published today was a building sequence to the experience you described …

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