So I went here today… Eastertime, when I was little.  It consisted of a new dress.  Pastel in color.  With a scratchy netting under the skirt that made it poof out and twirly.  New black patent leather shoes.  Very shiny.  New ruffled socks.  (ruffles make scrawny bony legs look scrawnier and bonier, by the way).  A new comb for my hair that had a ribbon or bow sewn to the front.  An Easter basket with a chocolate bunny (mine was white chocolate because I was Miss odd man out even then), jelly beans, Peeps, Malted Egg-shaped candies that you could use for lipstick when you lick them.  A slinky.  A record album.  Bubbles.  And sometimes coloring books and a small pack of crayons.  There was a wonderful dinner after church.  The house smelled good.  Mom wore an apron over her dress.  Sometimes, I have to look for these memories, past the clamor and chaos.  But they’re there.  And worth the trip.



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