just on the other side

I didn’t expect everything to be swirling around me like this.  And it feels like I’m walking on air, but not in the good way.  In the, my feet aren’t planted and set in a direction way.  And it feels like it’s been this way for so long, I don’t remember what it was like to be anchored.  To fold my clothes and put them in a drawer.  To pull a book off my bookshelf.  To use my own dishes.  I don’t have routine or the subtle comfort of it.  Short term has evolved into long term.  I am looking for the magic in uncertainty.  For the beauty in wondering.  Maybe it’s in a place called tomorrow.  Just on the other side of tonight.


4 thoughts on “just on the other side

  1. Ellen, your words are as touching as your photography … a person with such depth and creativity doesn’t just happen, it’s an evolution through many experiences consisting of a wide range of highs and lows. My guess is that you are in the midst of great growth and potential. You certainly are touching the hearts, minds and souls of many that you don’t even know. Hang in there, dear friend. Life is good – very good … and it’s persons such as yourself who make it so. You are loved, Ellen.

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