duet of duets

I am in my forties now.  I have seen people marry and divorce and live together and exist side by side in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons.  I haven’t paid much attention except to notice that few people have the joy that endures.  Still I celebrate those few and their lives together.

On September 1, 2012, my dear friend, Theodosia, (Teddy), was parted from her one great love and husband of 62 years, Jim.  Just recently,  while Teddy and I were at dinner, she was talking about Jim, still with stars in her eyes and smiling.  (these were the same stars I saw in Jim’s eyes as he watched her fly from person to person in a crowd spreading her joyful self.  Jim was used to standing back and observing.  I always had the feeling he felt he was the most honored man in the world to have been chosen by this woman.)   That night, her last sentence about him was interrupted and her words cut off as the stars were replaced with tears.   She swallowed hard.  Recomposed herself.  And whispered, “I have been… a very lucky… woman.”

For years, I have been inspired by their love for each other.  Teddy, larger than life.  Jim, calm and steadfast.    What the great poets write about, I witnessed.  And it reminds me to love this great.  To love beyond me.  And to treasure the person who loves me too.  Goodnight, Jim.  And thank you for taking such care of our Teddy.