this little girl

… my little she came along 19 years ago tomorrow.  The first day of November.  And this little girl brought joy to my world from the moment she entered it.  She was full of stories upon arrival, so by the time she could speak… she had a lot to say… one story right into another… few breaths in between… sometimes I thought my ears were melting… sometimes I told her so… lovingly.   She would wake up talking.  Go to sleep singing.  If I try, I can still hear her singing songs from Mary Poppins, perfectly pitched, softer and softer until they ended in mid note.   I know she’s all grown up and hates it when I forget and order for her at a restaurant, but every once in a while, when she’s not looking, I stare at her and I see my little girl.  Bright and shiny.  Dancing along with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews.   Happy Birthday, M.


2 thoughts on “this little girl

  1. This “little girl” at 4 sat on the edge of her seat , not moving, scarcely breathing, not blinking, mouth open in awe, mesmerized by the ballerinas on stage, she cried when the curtain came down for intermission – she thought it was over. This reaction to “the Nutcracker Suite” the first 5 times she saw it evidenced that she had a special connection to music, to dance, to the arts. We made it our special treat every two years. Now she is grown, a stunning young woman, with a voice that so beautifully soars, pure and free. You are a beautiful young woman and I am so proud of you. I love you, my niece, Mary Libertini. – Aunt Susan

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