just another way.

When I reached my forties, I thought my choices in life were severely limited.  And truth is, they do diminish somewhat.  My careers choices are fewer.  Certain physical limitations have arisen.  But recently, I have discovered that while it’s too late to become an astronaut or start a family of ten, I am faced with more choices about how  I live than ever.  I have never been so aware of how I interact with people.  Aware of the affect my words and actions have on them.  And that these are choices.  I have never subscribed to the phrase, “well, that’s just me…”  It’s only me if I choose for it to be.  In the last few years, in particular, I have been made fiercely aware of my behavior, my words, both written and spoken, even my expressions.  My interactions with those around me have been more intimate than ever in my life and the impact is profound.  I have watched work relationships and personal relationships either thrive or wither over time based largely in part on choices I make.  My words, tone, timing, mannerisms, things I simply don’t give much thought to, have all played a part in whether the relationships were nourished or starved.  Some of it is perspective.  Some of it is simply being caring instead of careless.  But every day, it is nothing more than choices.  And I have more than I ever imagined I would.

just another way

2 thoughts on “just another way.

  1. Your writings have been so introspective the last few days … my mind is so cluttered with junk that I wonder if I will ever see things so clearly as you have described. Love you, Ellen!

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