gifts and gifts

Today, I was handed this very simple gift.  Snow.  And the quiet it makes when it falls.  And the peace it brings.

Sometimes the best gifts are right in front of us.   How often have I heard this.  And still, I waste them.  And then they’re not in front of me.  And I miss them like I miss my own breath.   I have wasted so many gifts by trying to hold on to them and keep them safe, instead of being in them.  Living them.  Breathing in them.  And today, for the first time, it actually felt possible to learn to be in these gifts minute by minute, being careful not to make them anything but what they are and let them flow right through me.  It’s a consciousness.  It’s being aware.  And it’s going to take some practice.  But that’s what my life is now.  Practicing what I’ve learned…

snow 1


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