thank you, Maura


(Maura Quinn)

3 egg whites     1 tsp Vinegar     pinch salt     1/2 tsp vanilla     3/4 pint double cream     6 oz sugar     2 tsp Crm of tartar     fresh fruit

Grease surface of 8″ pan, set oven to 275 degrees F, beat egg whites and salt until peak

Whisk in 1 TB sugar, whisk until peak – Repeat until all sugar is added.  Fold in cream of tartar, vinegar, vanilla.

Spread on baking sheet.  Bake 1 hour.

Leave in oven until cool.  Beat cream & Spread in center.  Place fruit on top.  Kiwi.  Strawberries.  Blueberries.  All good.

*works better on less humid days.



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