part 1. pause.


My life has been full of silences and pause  lately.  Full of breaths and focusing on the act of breathing.  Making home in all the stillness and letting it bring me to new places while still feeling rooted.  And in this place between inhaling and exhaling, I began to consider what I wanted to say about my life as if I had already lived it.  This was a difficult thing in the beginning.  But got easier.  And I don’t know details but that was the first thing I thought of… how to be peaceful in the unknown.  The place between one dream and the next.  How to live those moments and find my purpose in them just as I would in the reality of the dream itself.  There is a lot of whispering in this place.  Soul-soothing whispering.  And heart above head.  I know I’ve been here before.  It feels familiar.  But I’ve always run away too quickly.  It might be time to take shelter here for a while.  And continue…

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