I started back to the gym two weeks ago.  I was told my excuse of “I just had a baby!” had run its course after 16 years.  And while I have made a commendable attempt at getting there at least 5 times a week, my efforts once there have been lackluster on a couple of those occasions.  I blamed my music.  (I can be a blame-shifter).  So, it’s time to change the playlist.  Really.  No point in committing to something and then doing it half-way.  I looked at the titles afterward, some of them made me smile.

Mr. Jones/Counting Crows

Let the Drummer Kick/Citizen Cope

Changes/David Bowie

Dog Days Are Over/Florence and the Machine

Not Afraid/Eminem

Paradise City/Guns N’ Roses

Time Bomb/Dave Matthews

Dead Man’s Shoes/Virginmarys

Hard Sun/Eddie Vedder

and.  so.  on.

Now, I have no one to blame but myself on this treadmill.


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