stepping back

close up

There is a reason your art professor tells you to stand a good distance back from a painting in a museum or gallery.  Perspective.  I’ve always been one to stand really close.  It feels natural.  It allows me to see texture.  Strokes.  Flecks of light I can’t see from far away.  Even where colors meet and blend.  I feel like I’m part of it up close in a way I’m not from the “proper” distance.  But I only get one perspective.  Mine.  In standing too close, I have missed what others see.  I have missed what the artist intended.  And my vision can get very blurry.  So, I back up, and it all seems so clear.  So beautifully simple.  So, while my little square affords me a certain insight to the piece, it is time for me to take a step back.  Several steps back.  It’s time to see.  More.  More often.


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