the struggle of fire


I have been listening lately to people talk about how they feel too deeply or give too freely, all of it leaving them open to hurt.  And the people in particular that I’m thinking of  are two of my favorite people.  Not just because of who they have been to me, but because of who they are.  As people.  One of them wants to shut down, close her heart, because she gets hurt when she opens it.  The other feels he has given so much of himself to others that there is now very little left.  To give at all.  Both have gotten hurt as a result.  The thing is–the problem is, I think it’s all connected.  The abilities I think we have to open our heart, feel too intensely, leaving us hurt, give too much, leaving us depleted, is all part of the wondrous people we are.  It’s deeply entwined with the way we receive and give love.  The way we express.  The way she is able to be on stage in front of hundreds of people and stir someone’s soul with her voice.  And the way he is able to translate a vision of light and emotion in his head through a lens and have it bring someone to tears.  And I have to believe this about myself.  The areas of my being that allow me to feel the most pain and often frustration, are the very parts that allow me to see beauty in the world and people around me.  To shut down the part of me that feels “too” deeply, means I shut off the ability to feel joy as well as pain.  Even what we create, if we are able to create at all, becomes a partial expression.  It seems like a shame to put out the fire, just because it might burn me, when it’s the same fire that warms me when I’m cold.  And that.  is the struggle.


10 thoughts on “the struggle of fire

    • Hi, I think you’re right. I think detachment gives the appearance of protection, but it robs people of knowing a lot of things bigger and more lasting than pain. That said, I’ve been on both sides, and the tendency to remove yourself emotionally can get pretty tempting after a while. Thanks, Anne.

      • True for us all I imagine. I always think creating is a little like giving birth and so it hurts but brings unimaginable joy, and it leaves us a bit vulnerable afterwards for a while

  1. Considering all of the replies to this post, it looks like this is a sensitive issue and a difficult one to fully grasp. Love, kindness, guilt, hurt, pain……it’s hard for everyone. Thank you for forcing me to think about how I am handling this myself. More thinking to do……

    • Ha, Anne. I might not have thought about it myself had I not also been forced to. It falls somewhere between really simple and extremely complex. Between thinking and feeling…

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