… how it began


Seven years ago.  I posted my first images on a photography site.  After years of not picking up my camera.  After years of trying to live up to some labels while trying to get rid of certain others.  I resurrected part of my self.  Through my photography.  Again.  Call it art.  Call it a mess.  I called it mine.  These are the words I posted with that first image.  Strange how I was reminded of these same words just today.

…surrendering to what’s fragile.  giving in.  no longer asking to be anything else for anyone else.   I know who I am.  at this moment, I know.

make up whatever you want…

… I am that


4 thoughts on “… how it began

  1. This is so beautiful, the words and the image. It really resonates with me, as I too have resurrected the photographer/ artist within having shelved her for about 5 years. I was doing a post Grad Masters and I just didn’t have any spare time with all the reading I had to do. When I emerged from that process I took a long look at the life around me and realised I felt empty, because I wasn’t creating images. Now nine months into the resurrection I’m beginning to find my feet again 🙂

    • I’m so happy you’re finding your feet again. It’s a good feeling. To recognize ourselves after being away, isn’t it? It seems like there is a life within always fighting to sustain itself. I’m thankful for that. I only wish I hadn’t hurt people in that fight.

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