hanging hope

and light


a bench. please.

If you’ve ever been to the Smoky Mountains there is a long steep hill to get to this place where you can see four states and this breathtaking panoramic, right?  Did I mention the hill?  leg-burning, hold your breath when you pass people-kind.  And every once in a while they put a bench.  But you don’t stop because you won’t start again.  The metaphor should go like this:  The view is worth it… keep going… don’t stop.  But that’s stupid.  Truth is, I’d like a bench about now.  Just a bench!  and a few minutes.

Dear Tomorrow,

I’m not one to wish my life away.  But here’s the thing… it’s been a little crazy around here lately.  Not the good crazy.  The other kind.  I have been packing to move, sorting, organizing, and purging.   I feel lighter.  Better able to breathe without the extra weight.  And ready to take the next step.  All that said, it’s been a challenging few weeks.  Tomorrow, my life will get a little better.   ETA  8:32 A.M.

Dear Tomorrow,

Please hurry.

Love, Ellen.